Slam Poetry meets the Modified Rugby Program.

When we created GingerCloud Foundation four years ago, our dream was to create a world where children with learning and perceptual disabilities like our son Max would feel safe, where they were understood and where they could belong into the long term.


Through our world-first Modified Rugby Program (MRP), we’re harnessing the inclusive drive of rugby to create that world one rugby club at a time. The PlayerMentors are the magic of the Modified Rugby Program - inspiring young people who support our children on and off the field.


We are thrilled to share this piece of Slam Poetry written and spoken by one of the most inspiring young people we know - Lia Walsh – past School Captain of St Ritas and passionate MRP supporter. In this video, Lia shares her take on the power of the MRP and how its changing our world.


Please share this with all your friends, family and colleagues.


Thanks so much


Megan and Anthony Elliott

Co-Founders of GingerCloud and the MRP

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12/12/2017 11:14 PM
What an amazing display of genuine passion and skill that reflects rugby's unique character building values. The Modified Rugby Program is rugby values at their best.
Brett Gosper CEO World Rugby