Rules & Modifications



Modified Rugby Laws

  • The MRP Rules are a combination of the Under 6 and Under 7 laws as per the ARU guidelines.
  • The focus is on developing foundational rugby skills including catching, throwing, passing the ball behind and putting the ball down with two hands.
  • The Field Size is based on the Under 9 dimensions (a quarter field).
  • The MRP is double-handed tag only rather than tackle.
  • Each half is limited to 10 minutes with a 5 minute half time.


Learning and Perceptual Modifications

The MRP takes into account the following areas:

The MRP Players’:

  • 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell
  • Attention
  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Proprioceptive development
  • Vestibular development.


The MRP Team trains and plays on the same field each training session and match, just prior to the start of other divisions to reduce sensory impact.

Initially the MRP team plays with the same children each week to reduce the impact of social issues and anxiety around change. As the appropriate skills are developed, the MRP Players will be slowly introduced to playing in a different environment with other MRP teams.


The MRP teams are supported by a Head Coach, a Team Coach, Assistant Coach, a Parent Coach and Allied Health Support.

 Team 1

  • 1 Parent Coach
  • 4 MRP Players and their PlayerMentors

 Team 2

  • 1 Parent Coach
  • 4 MRP Players and their PlayerMentors