We Have Had An Incredible MRP 2021 Season!

We are so blessed to have been able to participate in an entire MRP season. The challenges in the last 18 months have been complex for many of us. So, to see the smiling faces of all the MRP Players, PlayerMentors and Coaches out on the rugby field has been inspiring!

Saturday the 31st of July was our very last Community Carnival; we managed to sneak in just before the lockdown was announced. The Season has been filled with incredible people and the support we have had is immeasurable.

Thank you to all our inspiring PlayerMentors, Coaches, MRP Players, parents, families, and friends who have turned up, your smiles are why we do what we do!

Thank you to all the Rugby Clubs who host the MRP, from Nth Queensland, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the ACT. To have Clubs like yourselves embrace disability inclusion is powerful. It is a long-lasting impact on the future of inclusion for all.

Thank you to Rugby Au and QLD Rugby, you continue to show our families that there is a place for everyone in rugby clubs everywhere.

Thank you to our partners, sponsors and supporters, you help us power disability inclusion, whether you provide, time, money or in-kind support, you mean the world to us.

We would particularly like to say a big thank you to the always-excellent QLD Reds and Brisbane Hustlers. Wow, you turned up and ran out onto the field at every carnival; you showed so much integrity and leadership. The warmth and enthusiasm you showed our community will always be remembered.

Thank you to all our great Local, State and Federal Government representatives for coming along and braving the brisk, early Saturday mornings at our recent carnivals.

Thank you to our fantastic Ambassadors Tim Horan AM, Nathan Sharpe, Andrew Ready, and our Rugby patron Tony Shaw, you show so much support and passion for GingerCloud’s MRP. We are so very proud to have you involved in our journey to power disability inclusion!

Thank you to our fabulous GingerCloud head office team, Fiona, Kellie, James, Nicole and Cathy. Your perseverance, patience, and determination in ensuring we are delivering the best experience across all our programs is outstanding.

And finally, thank you to our GingerCloud Board that has supported the strategic development of GingerCloud since the very beginning.

We can't wait to see you all in 2022!