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May 10th, 2021

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Donate Here! Megan and Anthony Elliott’s son Max, is an inspiring young man with autism and a complex language disability. His disability has created many challenges across his life, which often means he cannot do the same things as everyone else. Max often felt isolated from social activities and found it difficult to create friendship groups as he was growing up. The Elliott’s family’s dream was to create an inclusive community where girls, boys and young people, just like Max, felt valued and can live their best life.

The Elliotts formed our envisioning GingerCloud Foundation. GingerCloud Foundation is an award-winning charity, established by Megan and Anthony Elliott in 2014, providing disability inclusive services including sports, leadership training, work experience, and engagement programs for young people and our communities.

With support from the rugby community they developed a world first Modified Rugby Program (MRP) to help create connections, long-term bonds, and friendship for young people like Max and their families within their local rugby club community.

On Saturday, 3 May 2014 eight young people with Autism or other learning and perceptual disabilities, with the support of eight PlayerMentors, ran on field for their first game of rugby at Brothers Rugby Club.

Seven years on and GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program as grown to 325 Players, PlayerMentors and Coaches in 33 teams across 13 clubs in Queensland and the ACT.

To celebrate our MRP anniversary, GingerCloud is launching our Annual Appeal.

It's not just about Rugby!

As our MRP continues to grow so too has our Player and PlayerMentors skills off the field as we create a future generation of leaders for whom disability is normalised.

Today, GingerCloud’s services include leadership, work experience and engagement inclusion programs with our sports program, for young people with a disability and our communities: Disability Inclusive Leaders Program where young adults from local high schools (grade 9-12) become leaders in disability inclusion, learning key leadership skills for the future.  Player2PlayerMentor Pathway for our MRP Players to become PlayerMentors, through mentorship and leadership training. Work Experience Opportunities with our partner inclusive workplaces, so our young people have support to explore employment opportunities. 

How You Can Help!

While your donation is integral to the continuation of our programs passing the ask on our behalf widens GingerCloud’s opportunity for disability inclusion.

You can help by:

1.    Donating: Donate to our annual appeal from 1 May – 30 June 2021

2.    Passing on the Ask: Let your colleagues, clients and suppliers know how you are contributing GingerCloud’s Annual Appeal and ask them to do the same.

3.    Organisation Dollar Matching:  If your organisation pledges to match donations from employees (up to $1000) or your suppliers and clients (up to $5000), we will place your company logo and weblink on the Annual Appeal website plus your company will receive an appreciation certificate or have the opportunity for GingerCloud to present at your workplace.

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Donate Today! Your donation will power disability inclusion both on and off the field.  Donate to our annual appeal from 1 May – 30 June 2021.