GingerCloud Foundation's 2020 Powering Inclusion Fundraiser.

November 17th, 2020

GingerCloud Foundation's 2020 Powering Inclusion Fundraiser!

Well, how good was the 4th Annual GingerCloud Powering Inclusion Fundraiser?

For those who were there on the afternoon it was a magical evening outside at Ruggers. The light breeze coming through made setting the tables quite a challenge but boy, it was nice and refreshing as the evening progressed. The evening couldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did if it wasn’t for the awesome GingerCloud Foundation volunteers, who helped sell raffle tickets and take photos.

Megan’s speech and GingerCloud Foundation’s Powering Inclusion video were incredible. It was remarkable to look back and see how far GingerCloud, MRP has come. It is truly inspirational to think back to where GingerCloud Foundation and MRP started 7 years ago, and all the people who have supported us and our vision. For me what was even more exciting was listening to where GingerCloud and MRP are planning on going in the future.

I often reflect on what GingerCloud does and why we do it. I think ‘Powering Inclusion Together’ is the perfect summation of everything GingerCloud stands for. It was fantastic to see the young adults helping in the kitchen, plating and serving food.

But for me, the most wonderful thing on the night, was what happened after the official event was over. MRP Players and PlayerMentors sitting down, sharing a soft drink and a conversation, eating the delicious brownies and watching the Wallabies win. Is that not what we have always imagined inclusion to be - ensuring our young adults have a sense of belonging within our communities and rugby clubs. If you ask me, we are well on our way.

Seeing Rosie, a Toowoomba MRP Player, casually and comfortably at a table with other volunteers whilst watching the Rugby, or Archie guessing with mates if the conversion in the Bledisloe was going to be successful or not, was a highlight.

For me, that is what ‘Powering Inclusion Together’ is all about. For me, that is success. For me, that’s the power of the GingerCloud, MRP.

Thanks everyone,

James Kleidon, Darling Downs Regional Co-Coordinator