Meet Andrew and his son Matthew, an amazing MRP Player!

June 22nd, 2021

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In 2014 ago Megan and Anthony Elliott founded GingerCloud Foundation and the Modified Rugby Program (MRP). Their dream was to nurture a more inclusive community for young people with Autism or learning and perceptual disabilities, and their families, like their very own son Max who has Autism and a complex language disability.

It’s not just Rugby!

In November 2020, Ruggers Restaurant in Albion Brisbane, their incredible chefs and their inspiring team hosted GingerCloud Foundation’s first Inclusive Work Experience Program.

Eight of our young people with Autism learning or perceptual disabilities had the opportunity to experience a three-day inclusive work experience program alongside chefs, waiters and kitchen hands. Our amazing young people learnt new skills in a workplace where they felt safe and secure, experienced success, were understood and belonged.

__Meet Andrew and his son Matthew, an amazing MRP Player! __

Matthew was one of our eight young people with Autism or other learning and perceptual disabilities, who ran out onto the field at Brothers Rugby Club, in the first ever session of the MRP, seven years ago.

In 2020, Matthew, who has significant intellectual impairment was invited to take part in GingerCloud's very first Inclusive Work Experience Program at Ruggers Restaurant and we are so proud of him!

Andrew, Matthew's dad says,

“This was Matty’s first taste of real work and an experience that started weeks before his first Friday on the job. Matt and Simon’s commitment to what may seem like a small gesture of inclusion was indeed more than that. For Matty, who has a significant intellectual impairment – it was a great start to a lifelong conversation we have commenced about life after school. It allowed him success and enjoyment. My hope is that that others see the great example from Matt and Simon from Ruggers Restaurant and realise the richness our community can provide.”

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Let's continue to power disability inclusion together for our young people!