Meet Lorraine and her son Matthew, one of our fabulous MRP Player's!

June 20th, 2021

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Matthew and Lorraine have been part of our GingerCloud MRP community since 2018, their journey has been positive and inspiring, one that we are privileged to be part of!

We sat down with Lorraine recently and asked her about their journey with MRP and how it has benefited them as a family.

1. When did you join the GingerCloud MRP Community? We have been involved with GingerCloud's MRP since 2018.

2. What are the challenges as mum of a child with Autism, Aspergers or learning and perceptual disabilities have you experienced? The challenges as a mum of a child with Down Syndrome & Autism are varied, communication is our biggest hurdle. Matthew has very limited speech and it is not always easy knowing what it is he is needing, feeling or wanting, not knowing if he is in pain always makes me sad. I feel sad that he can only give us a limited version of what he’s done for the day or what he did at camp or how much fun he had at an activity. To have a place where Matthew can make friends and belong can be challenging, MRP provides this place for Matthew.

3. How has GingerCloud MRP benefited you as a family? GingerCloud MRP has benefited our family by making us feel like we belong to a community. We have made new friends who will be lifelong. To meet people with similar circumstances to us and being able to talk and laugh with people who understand how you feel with out judgement has been wonderful.

4. What do you hope for your child’s future? We wish for Matthew’s to be happy and healthy in the future. We hope that he will be able to learn new skills so he can be an active member of society by volunteering or having paid employment.

Let's continue to power disability inclusion together for our young people!