Meet Susan and her awesome twins, MRP Player's Alice and George

June 23rd, 2021

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Susan, Alice and George have been part of our GingerCloud's MRP community since the MRP commenced at Easts Rugby Union Club, 5 years ago. Their journey has been inspirng and filled with fun, one that we are privileged to be part of - we love seeing Alice's and Georges smiles out on the rugby field!

We sat down with Susan recently and asked her about their families journey with MRP and how it has benefited them as a family.

1. When did you join the GingerCloud MRP Community? We joined the GingerCloud community at the very first season it was offered at Easts Rugby Union Club, not sure what year (maybe 5 years ago?).

2. What are the challenges as mum of a child with Autism, Aspergers or learning and perceptual disabilities have you experienced? George and Alice both have intellectual disability. The challenges are that they need support to be able to participate in social and community activities. They have difficulty communicating, they take more time to learn new skills and they are not as physically able as their same aged peers.

3. How has GingerCloud MRP benefited you as a mother? So many benefits for me as a mother in the GingerCloud MRP: friendship, social opportunities, access to a network of Mums where we can share experiences/challenges and always feel supported.

__ 4. What do you hope for your children's future?__ My hope for the future is that my children have a rich and interesting life that includes work, leisure, learning and friendship opportunities. I would like them to be part of a large community where they are valued and respected, and where people know them and include them.

Let's continue to power disability inclusion together for our young people!