Modified Rugby Program (MRP) - Become a Coach

Who are MRP Coaches

MRP Coaches are passionate about supporting neurodiverse young people to be the best they can be, both on and off the field.

MRP Coaches support their team learn and develop rugby and social skills during training and games. Coaches are supported by the GingerCloud Operational Team, PlayerMentors (Volunteers) and Allied Health professionals.

If you are interested in joining the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) as a Coach, email cameron@gingercloud.orgClick here to see our current MRP Clubs.

Please Note: This is a paid role. Blue Card/Working with Vulnerable People Card and an ABN required.  Smart Rugby Course highly regarded.


What is involved with being an MRP Coach? 

  • The MPR season runs from March to July. 
  • Commitment to attend one weekly training session plus a Saturday morning game. (3-5 hours per week) 
  • Coaching experience preferred - rugby experience not necessary.
  • An opportunity to play an exhibition match at half time at a major stadium.
  • Complete 2-3 hours of disability and inclusive practices training. This includes how best to support your MRP team, on and off the field. A incredible addition to your resume and future workplaces.
  • Coaches must be 17+ years of age.
  •  Blue Card/Working with Vulnerable People Card and ABN required.
  • Smart Rugby certification highly regarded.


What is GingerCloud's MRP division structure? 

The MRP has 4 divisions, within which, there are specific structural, Allied Health, and coaching modifications based on the varying needs of MRP Players (neurodiverse young people) both on and off the field. 

  • MRP Juniors (7-14 years) and MRP Colts (14-18+) years) MRP Players are individually matched with a PlayerMentor (Volunteers) for support, guidance and friendship on and off the rugby field.
  • MRP 7s and MRP 7s Plus division (assessed by on-field skill ability) MRP Players are higher skilled and are supported by PlayerMentors (Volunteers)  as a team.