Modified Rugby Program (MRP)

What is the MRP?

The MRP brings families and communities together who, traditionally, would not have the chance to participate in team sport.  Participation in sporting clubs allows families with disability to be included in the normal experiences that are accessible to everyone else.

GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is a specifically designed community and social participation activity.  The MRP uses sport to engage people with Autism and other learning or perceptual disability with their broader community. Find your nearest MRP Club, click here!

MRP registrations are open January 5th until May 1st, please email for more information or to be on a wait list.



Rules, Modifications and Divisions


The MRP has a specifically modified version of the laws of rugby and has been approved by Rugby Australia (RA) in 2017.


The MRP has been developed taking into account all modifications that may be required for a young person with Autism or other learning and perceptual disabilities.


MRP has four different divisions which allows each MRP Player to experience success. 




MRP History

For many years, GingerCloud Foundation’s co-founders Megan and Anthony Elliott hoped that one day their son Max, who has Autism and complex language disability, may be able to play a team sport, at their local rugby club.

However, given the complexity of his cognitive disability they realised many elements of junior rugby would need to be modified for this to happen. During this time, Max was doing a small group rugby skills training course with another friend with a learning and perceptual disability coached by professional rugby player Dallan Murphy. In 2013 when Max was 10, he had developed enough basic skills to be able to play a simplified form of the game...