Player2PlayerMentor Pathway (P2PM)

Did you know that GingerCloud's MRP has a pathway for our MRP Players (young people with Autism or other learning and perceptual disabilities) to become PlayerMentors?

GingerCloud’s MRP PlayerMentors support and teach rugby skills while providing friendship on and off the field for our young people with disability (MRP Players).

What is the Player2PlayerMentor Pathway?

This unique pathway allows eligible MRP Players to take the 'next step' in the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) and become a PlayerMentor!

 The Player2PlayerMentor Pathway has two components completed over two MRP Seasons:

1. On-field skills taught during training with the support of an experienced PlayerMentor, (Advanced PlayerMentor).

2. Fun, engaging online modules to be completed each week, during the MRP Season with the support of the GingerCloud team if required.

 If this sounds like something, you think your child might be ready for in the next MRP Season, get in touch with to discuss the eligibility criteria for participation.

Through the Player2PlayerMentor Pathway, we aim to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of our young people with disabilities so they can live their best life!

GingerCloud developed this program through funding from the Information Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building Program Grant.  This grant aims to deliver projects in the community that benefit all Australians with disability, their carers, and their families. Projects like the Player2PlayerMentor Pathway create connections between people with disability and the communities they live in.