🏉😁Don't miss out on listening to Amos tell the Westpac Wire why he loves GingerCloud's MRP!

Listen to Amos tell the Westpac Wire what his favorite MRP drill is!


📨Exciting update to GingerCloud's MRP website!


We're thrilled to announce a fantastic new feature: you can now message your Coach and team direct from your profile.

💙The Impact of Volunteering with GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP)

“We now need to think about how to expand our lives again, and I think that volunteering is one way to get there" says Mary Freer, Westpac Social Change Fellow and author, quote taken from Westpac Wire (17th May 2023)

🌟2023 MRP Suncorp Showcase


What an awesome night! Our MRP community gathered in front of the gates of Suncorp, ready to showcase the extraordinary power of disability inclusion in rugby.

🥳This year let’s have some fun!


I can’t wait to see the FUN!

⁉️Why choose MRP?

GingerCloud's MRP has been specifically developed to consider young people with disability and their individual needs, with the support of our allied health partners.

🥳Who wants to experience GingerCloud's newest program, the Player2PlayerMentor Pathway (P2PM)??!!!

The Player2PlayerMentor Pathway (P2PM) has started for 2023; the outcome for our MRP Players is more than just becoming a PlayerMentor!


👩‍🎓Receive real life leadership skills and champion disability inclusion with GingerCloud's Modified Rugby Program (MRP)


Receive real life leadership skills and champion disability inclusion through GingerCloud's Disability Inclusion Leaders Prorgam (DILP)

–a fantastic addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile! Ask us how!

⚠️Important Blue Card Information!

IIMPORTANT Blue Card News or Queensland PlayerMentors, Volunteers and Coaches.

📋MRP Club Training Times


Please Note:

Club MRP training time are subject to change.

Please check your schedules before every training to confirm details.

Ensure you ALWAYS RSVP via your schedule.

See you on the rugby field.