Modified Rugby Programs - Clubs

What is the MRP?

GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is a specifically designed community and social participation activity. The MRP uses sport to engage people with Autism and other learning or perceptual disability with their broader community. 

The core purpose of the MRP is to create a community where neurodiverse young people with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD or other learning and perceptual disabilities can be included, feel safe and secure, be understood, experience success and belong.

This world first community program features person centred design and delivery and has been modified for our young people with consideration of their five senses, their communication, attention and social skills, and proprioceptive and vestibular development.


Where to find us!


What is involved in becoming an MRP Club? 

  • Whilst our growth remains dependent on available funding, we’d love to hear from you if your club would like to host an MRP team in coming seasons.
  • We aim to confirm all new clubs by October of the year prior to allow time to establish the required Allied Health support systems and training required for Coaches and PlayerMentors.
  • The MPR season runs from March to June.
  • This involves one weekly training session plus a Saturday morning game at your club field.

Please email for more information. 


What is GingerCloud's MRP division structure? 

The MRP has 4 divisions, within which there are specific structural, Allied Health, and coaching modifications based on the varying needs of MRP Players both on and off the field. 

  • MRP Juniors (7-14 years) and MRP Colts (14-25) years) Players are individually matched with a PlayerMentor for support, guidance and friendship on the rugby field and beyond.
  • MRP 7s and MRP 7s Plus division (assessed by on-field skill ability) Players are higher skilled and are supported by PlayerMentors as a team, with no specific MRP Player having their own PlayerMentor.