🤝Kindness Matters!

💙A Conversation with Karen, a fierce parent raising an incredible neurodiverse daughter.

We caught up with her recently to talk about her experiences and the challenges she's faced.

Karen's family values of kindness and self-care have been her guiding lights on this journey of championing for her daughter. She's seen firsthand the difference it can make when you build a supportive community around yourself and those you care about. One of the ways Karen's daughter has been able to thrive is through GingerCloud's Modified Rugby Program. It's been a game-changer for her daughter's development - not to mention a ton of fun!

 However, Karen knows that finding the right resources and support for neurodiverse children can be challenging. That's why she's such a big fan of a person-centred approach to development - something that the GingerCloud Foundation is all about.

Breaking down barriers to inclusion is another passion of Karen's. She's constantly educating herself and everyone around her about the value that our young people, regardless of their abilities, can bring to their communities. Karen is all about community and friendship, especially for those with disabilities. Why? Because it brings out the best in them! She's all about educating people on the potential of neurodiverse young people. Instead of discussing what our young people can't do, she wants to focus on their contribution and celebrate life and all we can achieve together. Who says we can't have fun and make a difference simultaneously?

Karen's story is a testament to the power of community and friendship and how they can help us all thrive. It's a reminder that we're all better off when we create an inclusive tribe that celebrates diversity and fosters growth.

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