Blog posts of '2023' 'May'

🏉😁Don't miss out on listening to Amos tell the Westpac Wire why he loves GingerCloud's MRP!

Listen to Amos tell the Westpac Wire what his favorite MRP drill is!


📨Exciting update to GingerCloud's MRP website!


We're thrilled to announce a fantastic new feature: you can now message your Coach and team direct from your profile.

💙The Impact of Volunteering with GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP)

“We now need to think about how to expand our lives again, and I think that volunteering is one way to get there" says Mary Freer, Westpac Social Change Fellow and author, quote taken from Westpac Wire (17th May 2023)

🌟2023 MRP Suncorp Showcase


What an awesome night! Our MRP community gathered in front of the gates of Suncorp, ready to showcase the extraordinary power of disability inclusion in rugby.