💙The ripple effect of inclusion for neurodiverse young people: Meet Lucia!

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Lucia is showing the world what she can do, on and off the rugby field with GingerCloud's Modified Rugby Program (MRP).

On the rugby field, she's an absolute force to be reckoned with – her determination and sportsmanship is incredible, reminding us that dedication has no boundaries!

Off the field she is mentoring and encouraging other neurodiverse young people to embrace and live their best life – empowering them to create a community where we all belong!

Thank you, St.George Bank for your continued partnership. Thank you for powering inclusion and ensuring #rugbyisforeveryone

GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is a world-first, touch-only modified form of rugby union. Neurodiverse young people (7-18+ years) with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD or other learning and perceptual disabilities (MRP Players) can play rugby with the support, guidance and friendship of a PlayerMentor (Volunteer) at their local club. NO CONTACT, NO TACKLE.

With support of Allied Health Professionals to ensure our MRP Players experience success and fun. We want every neurodiverse young person to learn, explore and achieve,

o Learning how to catch a ball with two hands.

o Place the ball with two hands when scoring.

o Tag opposing players with two hands.

o Pass the ball backwards.

o Run forward at all times.

o Sportsmanship and teamwork.

o How to be consistent.

o How to communicate well.

o How to help and support others.

o How to speak up for yourselves.

o Why a routine is important.

o Why being on time is important.

o Giving and receiving feedback.

o Making friends and being social.


 See you out on the rugby field soon!

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