🏉GingerCloud's Modified Rugby Program (MRP) went to the Sunshine Coast!


There's something so magical about the rugby community. Over the past 7 weeks, Brothers Rugby Union and Caloundra Rugby Union, both located on the Sunshine Coast, have beautifully shown us this magic! 

We met terrific communities, played rugby, celebrated inclusion, and created deep, long-lasting bonds! These two club communities powered inclusion on the rugby field for our amazing neurodiverse young people!

The connections built between the Clubs, Coaches, MRP Players (neurodiverse young people), and PlayerMentors (Volunteers) were impactful. The message was clear "Let’s celebrate the inclusive nature of rugby; rugby is for everyone."

As the weeks progressed, the participants rugby skills, sportsmanship and friendships strengthened. Laughter and cheering echoed across the field at every session, victories were shared, and challenges were conquered together.


As the sun set and we celebrated the end of this remarkable 7-week journey, it was evident that GingerCloud's MRP had not only left its mark on the Sunshine Coast but had also demonstrated the immense power of inclusion in sports and the ripple effect it has, not only for our neurodiverse young people but their families and friends. Creating a place where they experience success, feel safe and secure, have fun and belong!

Brothers Rugby Union and Caloundra Rugby Union, along with the MRP team, want to thank everyone who participated in the Sunshine Coast sessions. The positivity, inclusivity, fun, and heartwarming friendships show us that we are all powering inclusion together!

A big expression of gratitude goes out to Cam and Nick for orchestrating an outstanding 7-week program.

We also want to say a huge thank you to Nicole from Brothers and Jess from Caloundra, your remarkable enthusiasm and dedication to powering inclusion in rugby clubs everywhere is truly inspiring!

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