😁⁉️Why join GingerCloud's MRP?


Playing team sports, like GingerCloud Foundation's Modified Rugby Program (MRP), is not just about scoring points and winning games for our neurodiverse young people, we call MRP Players. It's about developing social skills, improving physical health, and building leadership skills.

For neurodiverse young people, the benefits of team sports can be incredibly impactful. By participating in GingerCloud's MRP and interacting with teammates and coaches, neurodiverse young people develop social skills and build confidence in communicating with others. Plus, the physical activity can improve their overall well-being.

But GingerCloud's MRP can offer even more benefits for neurodiverse young people. Through working with teammates and coaches, they can learn how to be influential leaders, take initiative, and make decisions that benefit the team. 

Inclusive sports programs like GingerCloud's MRP can also provide ample learning opportunities for teamwork, communication, making friends, and physical activity.

GingerCloud's MRP is a person-centric program specially modified to focus on the unique individual needs of our MRP Players, and the five senses; that means all our allied health professionals, operational team, coaches, and volunteers adapt their approach when supporting MRP Players so that they can experience success and fun at their own pace.

Clear communication, positive reinforcement, and individualised support are essential, along with providing additional guidance and support to help MRP Players understand the rules and strategies of the game. By accommodating different learning styles and needs, coaches, volunteers, allied health, and our operational team can champion and support neurodiverse young people to thrive on and off the field.

Let’s power disability inclusion for our neurodiverse young people, let’s continue to create a space where they can make friends, gain confidence, feel safe, supported, and secure, a place where they are included, and belong!

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