GingerCloud Foundation announces new Chair and CEO.

Monday, January 16, 2023



    GingerCloud Foundation Appoints New Chair and Chief Executive Officer

From the 31st of March 2023, GingerCloud Foundation's Co-Founder and Managing Director Megan Elliott will move into the role of Chair whilst Acting Head of Operations Cameron Russell has been appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 9 January 2023.

Current Chair David Groth will step down as Chair after 9 years in the role.  David will remain on the GingerCloud Board to facilitate the handover to Megan Elliott for three months.

“As Co-Founder and Managing Director of GingerCloud Foundation (GingerCloud) since its inception in April 2014, Megan has been instrumental in guiding GingerCloud, particularly the globally recognised Modified Rugby Program (MRP), to become a key driver of disability inclusion through grassroots community engagement activities including rugby union,’ said outgoing Chair David Groth.

"An enthusiastic leader and consummate professional, the communities GingerCloud supports have benefited significantly from Megan’s uncompromising determination to find innovative solutions to complex community problems, particularly bringing together diverse teams to create a shared vision of an inclusive end goal.”

 “The GingerCloud Board looks forward to Megan continuing to apply these skills in her new role as Chair,” said David.

 From January 9th, GingerCloud welcomes Cameron Russell in the new role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

 “Cameron has been an integral part of the GingerCloud team, specifically supporting the MRP, since April 2022 and has acted in the role of Head of Operations since September last year,” said David.

 “We are pleased that Cameron has accepted the role of GingerCloud CEO and is committed to continuing the development of GingerCloud, the MRP and its other programs.”

 As well as 35 years of national and international strategic advertising, communications, stakeholder engagement and business pathway development expertise, Cameron’s love of Rugby began at grass roots where he has played, coached and managed teams.

 “I particularly love watching my children and their friends play, and the building of long- term relationships that community sport embraces,” said Cameron.

 “For me, the creation of long-term connections for families with people with disability through community rugby clubs is the most impactful part of the MRP. Everyone learns how to be more compassionate, more understanding and ultimately how to act inclusively across their lives.”



Megan Elliott, Co-Founder and Acting Chair 0410 654 812


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