GingerCloud Foundation's Disability Inclusion Leaders Program (DILP)

GingerCloud encourages and supports our Coaches and PlayerMentors (volunteers) to become a future generation of leaders who embrace and promote disability inclusion.

We do this through our Disability Inclusion Leadership Program (DILP).

What you should complete DILP?

  • Our Disability Inclusion Leadership Program is a fun, interactive online course that will enhance your leadership skills both on and off the field!
  • You will receive extraordinary mentoring opportunities from Industry professionals, including MRP Ambassadors Nathan Sharpe, Tim Horan AM; improve your job prospects with real-time skills!
  • At the completion you will receive a "Completion Certificate" – a fantastic addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • You will become a generation of leaders who champion for disability inclusion in workplaces everywhere!  Email to find out more.