Our Programs

Disability Inclusion Leaders Program

Creating Change Ambassadors who champion inclusion

To create authentic inclusion, we need to nurture a generation for whom disability is normalised.

Modified Rugby Program (MRP)

Creating belonging and success

Through GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) girls, boys and young adults with Autism, Aspergers and other learning and perceptual disabilities (MRP Players) can have a home in community rugby clubs

The MRP is a world-first, modified form of touch-only rugby, developed by GingerCloud Foundation, where each MRP Player has their own PlayerMentor on the field supporting them. Through the program, MRP Players experience the sheer thrill of playing rugby, often for the very first time.

The MRP aims to move MRP Players off the sidelines and into the main game. The program encourages these MRP Players and their families to become part of their local rugby club community.

Sharing our stories

GingerCloud Foundation Co-Founder Megan Elliott presents at schools and corporatations.