😁An Unforgettable Day of Rugby, Friendship, and Sunshine in Toowoomba


Last Saturday, July 15th, the Toowoomba MRP community had the honour of being hosted by the Toowoomba Bears for their much-anticipated Ladies' Day at the iconic Clive Berghofer Stadium.

With perfect weather, fantastic friendships, and exhilarating rugby, it was a day to remember for everyone involved. 

Our neurodiverse young people, our MRP players, showcased the very essence of what GingerCloud Foundation is. The day was filled with positivity, inclusion, a sense of belonging and loads of laughter. 

The day's success always comes down to our wonderful community, who go above and beyond to show their support. A huge thank you to Brock, one of our most experienced Coaches, left Brisbane early to ensure he was there to support his MRP team. Thank you to, Nick, Bridget, and Laura, our incredible Coaches from Brisbane, who also came along to offer unwavering support for our Toowoomba community! We certainly can’t forget to thank the PlayerMentors, for once again powering disability inclusion on the rugby field.

The overwhelming support from the Toowoomba MRP community in 2023 has been nothing short of inspiring. Fiona, Nick, and I have been truly touched by the encouragement and unity displayed by everyone involved. The community's dedication and passion will surely elevate MRP to new heights in the coming year.

As we all look ahead to an exciting 2024, the bonds forged on this special day will continue to create deep, long-lasting memories.

Thanks all, Cam                                                                                                                                                                 

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