Celebrating Milestones with our GingerCloud Community!


Our first Elliott family milestone was when Max had enough language to ask for his very first morning tea at school which was a gingerbread man and an apple juice, hence Ginger. 

The second part of the name, Cloud, refers to our use of Bluesky thinking to achieve the life we knew Max deserved.  So, each cloud in that blue sky became a stepping stone/milestone in achieving our vision for Max's life.           

Today our inspiring Max celebrated another massive milestone!

Independently, he rode to work, to Ruggers Restaurant (with proud mum unobtrusively following him in the car!), parked his bike inside and then wrote in his timesheet.

One more giant leap towards the happy independent life all our young people deserve, just like everyone else.

This is the first of our Celebrating Milestones Series, where we will be showcasing our young people's successes no matter how large or small.

So we need you to help us share these stories!

If your family would like to get involved and showcase your young person's milestones and successes, please send an email to Fiona, Marketing and Project Support

By sharing what's awesome about young people with Autism, Aspergers and learning and perceptual disabilities our communities will understand and experience the value that they contribute.

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