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A special message from Megan Elliott, Co-Founder and Mangaing Director of GingerCloud Foundation.

As a Mum, I’m so proud and excited to let you know that Ant and Max are off tomorrow on an amazing adventure!

For seven days with 11 wonderful people, they’re walking the highlights of the Larapinta Trail leaving from Alice Springs.

This camping and walking experience is so unique as our incredible supporters – Andrew Albury, Ben and Dennis Stark, Liam Copely, Tony Davis, Wayne Dixon, Michael Moran, Allan Murray , Damian Cavanagh, Pete Row and Tony Shaw – will not only experience the breathtaking scenery together but also spend quality time with two young men with learning and perceptual disabilities.

Our hope is that this experience will help other families understand our family’s successes as well as out challenges.

Even before they’re left, this group of super high achievers have blitzed their first fundraising goal by more than $9,000!

I’d love your support to help them reach their stretch goal of $50,000!

Choose your favourite team and donate (I think you know who my favourites are – no offence to the rest of the trekkers xxx)

*all donations are tax deductable*

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to share all the photos starting tomorrow morning when they head out to Alice!





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