🥳Who wants to experience GingerCloud's newest program, the Player2PlayerMentor Pathway (P2PM)??!!!

The P2PM pathway teaches our young people with disability,

💚How to be consistent

💚How to communicate well

💚How to help and support others

💚How to speak up for themselves

💚Why a routine is important

💚What being on time is important

💚Giving and receiving feedback

💚Making friends and being social


The pathway is an exciting, interactive animation video series that explains how to be a leader in fun and friendly language, making complex concepts easier to understand. 

The Pathway series provides practical tips and strategies for our MRP Players to learn and develop beyond the MRP while being enjoyable and accessible and is a perfect opportunity for MRP Players to develop their social and leadership skills! 

Every MRP Player can benefit from this program!

This year's focus is to get all our MRP Players who become P2PM participants to complete the online modules.

Good luck to anyone who decides to check it out!

Click here to watch a sneak peek!

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