⁉️Why choose MRP?

In the MRP, young people (7-18+ years) with Autism or other learning and perceptual disabilities (MRP Players) can play rugby with the support, guidance, and friendship of a PlayerMentor (Volunteer) at their local club. NO CONTACT, NO TACKLE.


⁉️Why choose MRP?

GingerCloud's MRP has been specifically developed to consider young people with disability and their individual needs.

✅The five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell



✅Social skills

✅Proprioceptive and vestibular development


The modifications are person-centric and are continually being developed and improved by our multidisciplinary allied health partners, especially for GingerCloud's MRP requirements.  Each MRP Player is individually assessed and assigned strategies to ensure success on the field.

The MRP has four divisions that ensure MRP Players can experience success. There are the Juniors, Colts, 7's and 7's+.

When a new MRP Player joins the program, they will be assigned to a Junior or Colts team based on age. From here, MRP Players will be assessed by one of GingerCloud's Operations team to ensure they are in the correct division.

The goal of GingerCloud's MRP is that each MRP Player experiences success, improves their social and rugby skills, and progresses through the MRP's four divisions.


To learn more about how Allied Health strategies support our MRP Players, email